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Coming to Resplendence 4/30/14
Merging Assets
Lucky Springs book 9
MMMMF BBW Erotic Romance

Coming to Resplendence 6/4/14
Hot At Last
All Male Nudes book 5
(final in the series. . .this is Ken & Avery's story)
MM Erotic Romance

Coming 6/11/2014 from Ellora's Cave
Rough Landing
FF Erotic Romance

Kate Pacinelli has been infatuated with fellow flight attendant Stephanie Carlson for months. While Kate is out, Steph's preferences are a mystery. The former cheerleader has a complicated, bisexual past. It's a smooth ride for both women until a rough landing shakes them up and changes their relationship. Hot sex in private doesn't translate to the public relationship Kate is looking for. She's fallen for women afraid to come out before and won't have her heart toyed with again. When Steph avoids conversations and labels with expert seduction, Kate refuses to play closet games. Steph will have to come out or risk losing Kate for good.

Ellora's Cave

Coming 6/27 to Totally Bound
Runaway Cowgirl
MMF Historical Western

Emily St. Claire is wealthy, beautiful, young and very eligible to the single men of Manitou Springs, Colorado. The Wild West isn't safe for a woman alone, but she isn't about to marry for anything but love. Her charitable efforts put her in touch with all manner of people, and while she's respectable, she causes gossip around the small town as she tries to help prostitutes and orphans. Still, she does want a family of her own. Two handsome young men catch Emily's eye, but Jack and Henry are so close. How can she pick one of them without destroying their friendship and their partnership? When she finds them in a compromising position, she's shocked and intrigued. Emily never considered herself conventional, but the men open her eyes even more to how inclusive and varied love can be. Society would never approve, yet it doesn't feel wrong for the trio. Being courted by two men at once is wild, but committing herself to them is pure madness and pure ecstasy as well. They must keep their ménage secret until they're sure how to plan a future together so no one will suspect or discover the truth. 1878 isn't ready for what they have to offer.

Coming 10/31/2014 from Ellora's Cave
Black Cat Strut
MM Quickie Erotic Romance

Isaac Fraser wants to move from friends to lovers with sexy coworker Austin Damoth but the guy avoids his every move. Time for Isaac to pull out his secret and get closer! As a stray cat, he gets Austin's attention and affection. Coming clean about being a shifter is a risk but Austin has a secret of his own. Sex and passion aren't the problem but they might be the answer.

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